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        About RGS Guildford Nanjing

        RGS Guildford Nanjing is the first Chinese branch of the Royal Grammar School (Guildford), which is a prestigious British school with a history of more than 500 years. It is regularly among the top performing schools in the UK. 


        At the Nanjing camps we educate students from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. We emulate the best aspects of our partner school. We put students at the center of all we do. We recognise them as individuals and develop and nurture their talents. We combine the best education internationally with Chinese culture and tradition. Science and technology, the arts, entrepreneurship and sport are at the centre of our educational model.


        Welcome from the Principals

        Alex Shen
        Principal of RGSG Nanjing
        Fan Yunliang
        Party Branch Secretary of RGSG Nanjing
        Matthew Patrick Ford
        Foreign Principal of RGSG Nanjing

        Be self-motivated to persevere and enjoy the process of trying hard. Be the one with an agency, voice your thoughts, make deliberate choices, and take ownership of your own life. 

        Develop a strong sense of self-efficacy —— you do have the capability to achieve the goal! 

        Learn to appreciate others. When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself. (Martin Walsh)

         It is essential to discover your talents and interests, and try to turn them into specialities and even future careers. I hope you can develop a growth mindset, be proud of your strength and accept your limitations at the same time, accept others and offer help when you see them making mistakes. 

         I am Alex Shen. I am waiting for you at RGSGNJ, and willing to offer all my support.

        Greetings! Welcome to RGSG Nanjing. We aim to be a benchmark of international education for Chinese students in China. We help each student develop the values of “integrity, inclusivity, health, perseverance and an enterprising spirit.” Our students are Chinese at heart but trained to be globally competent.

        We ensure that every single student is fully respected and cared and can learn and grow up in an educational environment with rich experience, in order to create a bright future for them. Although we may be born in different countries, knowledge knows no national boundary. We pay attention to fully tap wisdom, emotions, social, material & artistic aspects, creativity and potentials of each student; encourage cross-disciplinary interactions and knowledge integration; call for balance in mental and physical worlds; highlight harmony and pleasure in life and cultivate global citizens with integrative thinking.

        China is a global power, and its influence is increasing daily. As a major player on the world stage, it will benefit greatly from more citizens who are as comfortable operating in Vancouver, New York, London and Syndey (to name just a few cities) as they are at home, in China.

        Our goal at RGS Guildford, Nanjing is simple. Alongside teaching our students the Chinese National Curriculum until the end of Grade 9, we will prepare them for the potential to follow an international career. Everything we do, starting in Grade 1, is designed ultimately to produce school leavers who will not just get into foreign universities, but who will have the skills to thrive once they are there, and in the workplace beyond, whether that is in China or overseas.

        Welcome to RGSGNJ
        Open Day

        Time:Coming soon
        Time:Coming soon
        Location:RGS Guildford, Nanjing


        Management Team Faculty Team

        The management of our school includes important input and advice from the team at RGSG UK.

        Jon Cox
        Headmaster of RGSG UK
        Robert Ukiah
        CEO of RGSG UK
        Alex shen
        Principal of RGSG Nanjing
        Fan Yunliang
        Chinese Principal of RGSG Nanjing
        Matthew Patrick Ford
        Foreign Principal of RGSG Nanjing
        Wayne Wildey
        Assistant Foreign Principal

        We are proud of our team of well-qualified, experienced and committed teachers.

        Steve Armstrong
        Physics teacher
        Roy Lane
        Senior School Chemistry Teacher

        Primary School

        The Primary School offers all of the Chinese National Curriculum with a strong focus on English. We offer Project Based Learning to help our students learn within context and to appreciate the links between subjects. Through this we cover curriculum material.


        Junior High

        In addition to offering all of the Chinese National Curriculum with additional English, we further develop learning in Science and Technology and Global Awareness. 


        Senior High

        Our students study for some IGCSE course in Grades 9 and 10 and take introductory courses for A levels, which are taught in Grades 11 and 12. These UK qualifications are studied in many countries and are excellent preparation for international university courses.

        Primary School
        Junior High
        Senior High

        Education Features

        Science and Technology

        Science and Technology

        We cooperate with the Nanjing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(UCAS) to offer stimulating courses and special opportunities for our students. Design and Technology is an important and popular part of our STEM curriculum. We encourage our students to participate in international competitions.



        We cooperate with Gemdale Sports (the only organization with right to host WTA in China) to organize social sports such as tennis, horse riding, fencing, sailing, and swimming, to develop lifelong sports skills and good health in our students.



        We offer an extensive range of art courses and we cooperate with ACG to run a special art class, which is mainly designed to educate students to be admitted to the world’s TOP30 art colleges and universities



        We cooperate with the School of Economics and Management, UCAS and the Gemdale Group to enhance our educational provision. We participate in international business competitions, such as the FBLA.



        We combine traditional education with modern scientific and technical innovation and Project Based Learning to improve students’ skills, preparing them for the demands of the modern society and workplace.



        English language is one of the most important aspects of our educational provision, and we provide extensive opportunity for the development of language through pure and applied learning.

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